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In the beautiful Duomo’s Square,
Palazzo Gattini open its doors to you, at the highest point of the entire and exclusive town of Matera,
offering a breathtaking view of the Sassi (meaning “Stones”).

One more reason
to experience the magic of Sassi

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A Suite with a Private Pool in the Very Heart of Matera

What makes a perfect hotel room? At least it should be an accommodating,...

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“News UK Travel Awards 2022” in Matera

The countdown started when Matera was chosen to host the “News UK...

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“Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel Is a Winner!”

“Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel is a winner!” We are very happy...

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Work Remotely: Palazzo Gattini is the right place to manage your working time

The idea of working remotely while traveling sounds like a dream! You can...

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Winter and SPA Treatments: It’s Time to Pamper Yourself

Winter is the time to pamper yourself and it is the best time to try some...

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Christmas in Matera: Markets, Nativity Journey and Events

Christmas is coming , it is hard not to notice the magical atmosphere all...

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Feeling Like James Bond

Would you like to discover the James Bond locations in Matera? Would you...

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Visit Matera and Escape to the Ionic Coast for a Beach Holidays

It’s summer and it’s time for sea, sun and beach! Nothing is...

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RELAX, buy now - stay later

RELAX, many plus and no risk Change or cancel your reservation and get...

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Shopping in Matera: Our Guide to Best Shopping Areas in Matera

Have you planned to visit Matera? Your holiday with friends taking you to the...

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It’s Time for Wellness Vacation: Palazzo Gattini is Waiting for You

On the 18th of June Palazzo Gattini will open ! Finally it’s time for...

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Visit Matera, Discovering Statues and Sculptures

When in a new city, one of the first things to do is search for the most...

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Palazzo Gattini is happy to welcome pets

Looking for a weekend away or something longer in Matera with your...

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Autumn Special Rate to Explore Matera

Forget back-to-work blues by booking yourself an autumn short break in...

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Discovering Matera

package details In September and October, choose the magic of Matera!...

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A Journey to Italy: Discovering Matera and Puglia

Would you like to discover two outstanding regions such as Apulia and...

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Galleries and Museums: Big News From Matera's Museum Scene

Why don’t you start planning your next trip with us from the comfort of...

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Palazzo Gattini changed reservation and cancellation policy

The coronavirus outbreak is spreading across the world and is changing our...

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Experience an elegant and green stay at Palazzo Gattini

We can say that Palazzo Gattini is an amazing and green hotel ! Everyday we...

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Visit Matera: some suggestions to know all about the city

There are many ways to discover a city . You may choose a travel guide, or...

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The high quality repays: 3 important recognitions for Palazzo Gattini

2019 is still giving us great satisfactions . At the moment we are...

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James Bond in Matera: the great cinema chooses Matera and its Sassi once again

We may say that the great cinema lives in Matera . Matera hosted the sets...

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Alvino 1884 Hotels & Resort: a new luxury tourist accommodation in Matera

The historical and urban characteristics of Matera’s buildings , the...

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To the discovery of South Italy: peculiarities and luxury hotels

There are many ways to know Italy . You can choose to focus your Italian...

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Room with private swimming pool: a cool summer in the Sassi of Matera

In these hot days of summer, as every year, the weather experts give us...

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Palazzo Gattini on the Financial Times

A day doesn't pass that someone doesn’t speak of Matera . The same...

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How to customize your stay in Matera: Palazzo Gattini offers

If you want to make of a simple vacation an unforgettable vacation you must:...

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Palazzo Gattini: Italian Luxury Hotel with Remarkable History

Would you like to vacation in a UNESCO World Heritage site , in a city that...

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Take care of yourself at Palazzo Gattini

There is a widespread awareness about the importance to taking a daily care...

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Exclusive events at Palazzo Gattini: roof Garden, excellent food and attention to the details

Palazzo Gattini: a luxury location Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel is a...

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Palazzo Gattini: 10 years opening anniversary

Ten years have passed since Palazzo Gattini opened its big front wooden...

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Alternative ways to discover Matera and Basilicata

If you are a curious traveler and if you like to explore not just the most...

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Discover Matera: the MUSMA: contemporary sculptures and environments excavated in the tuff

The  MUSMA, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera , located in a...

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Craftsmen in Matera, a solid presence

Matera has a very ancient tradition of skilled artisans whose professional...

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On July 2nd: the longest day for the city of Matera

The most important religious festival of Matera takes place on July 2 nd...

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Not only Matera... to the discovery of Puglia and Basilicata

Matera is located in a particular position on the Murgia plateau from...

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The history of Palazzo Gattini

Our hotel in the past was a noble family building habited  by one of...

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Palazzo Gattini: an exclusive location for business meeting

Are you looking for a prestigious and exclusive location for organizing...

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Palazzo Gattini and the accessible tourism

The official definition for "accessible tourism" refers to...

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Get married in an unique and elegant place!

Palazzo Gattini  is an ancient noble family palace rich in...

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Matera Experience - Customize your stay in the European Capital of Culture 2019

How to make unforgettable your stay in Matera: our tips. We have...

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