Palazzo Gattini and the tailoring G. Inglese: the collaboration has started

The G. Inglese Tailoring is a Southern Italy tailoring excellence since 1950’s and, especially in the last times, it has become a worldwide famous name thanks to the terrific work of Angelo Inglese, the young tailor who since a very young age is leading the company and who made tailored shirts to the Prince William and Mr. Donald Trump, just to mention some of Mr. Inglese’s numerous VIPs clients.
For a closer look to the shirt-creations of the Inglese Tailoring we suggest you to read this article.
The big news is: Palazzo Gattini has already defined the terms for a permanent collaboration with the G. Inglese tailoring.

December 9, 2017: we start a new collaboration

Inside Palazzo Gattini has already been set-up a very elegant space to be completely dedicated to G. Inglese where you can admire the style of Inglese’s creations, you can touch with your own hands the fine quality of the fabrics and the superb embroidering of the workmanship and most of all where you can start to think of getting a tailored-shirt just for you!

We will inaugurate this collaboration Saturday, December 9 at 03:00 pm with a Trunk Show in a little Renaissance chapel located 5 meters from Palazzo Gattini.
This event has been also organized in cooperation with Piaggio. In this occasion the Tailoring G. Inglese will expose a little three-wheeler Ape Piaggio adorned with trimmed fabrics and embroidered according to the style of the local tailoring tradition.

Not to be missed:
Saturday December 9 th 2017
Trunk Show G. Inglese Tailoring
c/o Palazzo Gattini
We are waiting for you!

The collaboration with the Tailoring G. Inglese doesn't end here, it is in fact possible to organize some “Tailoring Tourist Tours” for visiting the laboratory of the G. Inglese, to see the shirts manufacturing tailor in action and to ask information directly to Mr. Inglese. If you would like to experience our “Tailoring Tourist Tours” just contact the Palazzo Gattini’s receptionists. They will provide you all the information and details.

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