Palazzo Gattini is a “DOG-a-holic” Hotel

How could you have ever imagined that a five star luxury hotel like Palazzo Gattini is also a pet-friendly hotel…more than this Palazzo Gattini is  a DOG-a-holic hotel: ( ) 

Since animal and most of all dogs are men’s best friends we of Palazzo Gattini have thought to organize a special welcoming and a relaxing vacation also for your dogs!

We love dogs very much and we know how many difficulties dogs’ owner must go through during the vacations in fact there’s a very limited number of hotels that like dogs and want them.


But the Palazzo Gattini’s concept is quite different from the other hotels: we think that your best friends, dogs, are also our best friends: so cuddles, loving welcoming and a comfortable stay are also waiting for your dogs when you come to our hotel.

You and your beloved dog will find in your personal room a “dog-welcome-kit”: two bowls, a tasty biscuit, a room temperature half liter bottle of water and most of all you will find a comfortable and big pillow so that your dog can rest as comfortably as you do.

On request our best chef will prepare specific meals for your dogs and it is also available upon request a dog-sitting service with a private dog-sitter whose fee is around € 15,00 per hour.  

So now that you know that you must simply come to Palazzo Gattini the most “dog-aholic” hotel in world and bring with you your dogs, because dogs for us are and always will be very welcome!