Discover Matera: the MUSMA: contemporary sculptures and environments excavated in the tuff

The MUSMA, Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera, located in a 17th Century noble family building, is one of the most important museums of the city. You can find inside exhibits of contemporary artists most of whose masterpieces are also located in the impressive museum’s caverns. Very interesting is in fact the relationship between the contemporary sculptures, with their colours and unusual forms, located into the museum and the same museum architectural structure which belongs to the seventeenth-century, but its deepest part has been completely excavated into the limestone in Neolithic age so you will see caverns, wine cellars and many other facilities.

The Museum of Contemporary Sculpture of Matera is for sure a cultural and architectural experience not to be missed because it will give you the special sensation of visiting a place whose same structure and form and atmosphere is just like a big open book that in few minutes describes you the whole artistic story and evolution of Matera.

The Palazzo Gattini excellent staff will be also pleased to provide their guests as many suggestion as possible about the historical monuments and museums of the city showing them the best itineraries for discovering the most hidden secrets of Matera’s landscapes and places.