It’s Time for Wellness Vacation: Palazzo Gattini is Waiting for You

On the 18th of June Palazzo Gattini will open!
Finally it’s time for planning travels and vacations.
The awareness of the importance of “wellness” – a state of physical, mental and social well being – raised in our lives. It’s really important to travel for physical health and for enjoyment of all the special and unique activities that are part of a trip, such as visiting cities and tasting local food.
But what exactly are we referring to when we talk about wellness travel? Why should you give it a go?
We have a special proposal for your personal health and well being through activities that you could do during your stay at Palazzo Gattini.

Wellness and Relax at Palazzo Gattini: Detox Proposal

Our goal is to let you check out feeling better than when you checked in. Our wellness vacation includes spa treatments, healthy eating and events, activities (such as walking tours) and programs that share ways to incorporate healthy habits into your everyday lives.
The Detox Proposal is plenty of wellness retreats and traveling options while you stay in our five-star hotel. Furthermore, it includes all the events that could make a trip a great trip, such as eating and culinary local events, walking in the alleys or meeting local people, visiting cities and towns.
Our travel package includes:
  • - 5 nights accommodation in a Deluxe double room;
  • - Half board;
  • - Rich and Healthy Breakfast;
  • - Advice with a dietitian nutritionist who will plan a custom diet. You might learn about new, healthier food and recipes that you’ll take away with you;
  • - 10 SPA treatments in Palazzo Gattini SPA;
  • - 5 tourist activities, such as visiting tour of Matera or close towns, biking tour, walking tour, tasting of local food;
  • - Special price, from € 2800,00.

Would you like a wellness weekend?

Would you like to stay for a weekend in Matera and take care of your wellness as well? Would you like to use travel as a break from your regular routine of daily life for the proactive betterment of your health and well-being?
Vacation/ holiday time – away from the normal stress of daily living – allows for greater concentration and focus on the objective of improving personal health and wellbeing. We have a special wellness weekend proposal for you:

  • Book online , by telephone or email a 3 nights accommodation and we will give you a € 100,00 voucher that you can use in our SPA.

Safety Travel and Accommodation

The 18th is really close!
We are ready to welcome you and ensure a relaxing and pleasant holiday in Matera, in total safety.
The Detox Proposal and the Wellness Weekend are pauses in your everyday life. They should be a trip that has all the elements of a break. They are a vacation that focuses on putting you first, and it’ll help you to come back feeling refreshed and in a better frame of mind.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Get in touch with us for further information.